Béatrice “Betty” Bonifassi (born c. 1971) is a French-born vocalist based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

She has a deep, contralto singing voice, sometimes referred to as “masculine”, which has been compared to that of Shirley Bassey. Bonifassi has performed music of many styles in both English and French–from jazz, to traditional music, to blues, to electronica.

In 2003 she gained international exposure when she provided the singing voices for the title characters of the animated film Les Triplettes de Belleville. She has collaborated, performed and toured with musician Maxime Morin (also known as DJ Champion). Bonifassi appeared as a guest vocalist on Deweare’s album High Class Trauma (2006), and she is one half of the electronic music duo Beast. Personal life : Bonifassi was born in Nice, France to a Yugoslavian mother and a father of Niçois-Italian descent. Raised in a bilingual household, and having studied foreign languages and literature at University, she became interested in other cultures and their traditional music. She has been singing and writing music for two decades.

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