Native of Lac­Saint­Jean, Frédéric Lalancette has had a career for nearly 10 years in the performance and entertainment world. During these years, he toured Asia where he was able to perfect his ease on stage and gain experience as a performer.

Throughout his career, Frédéric took several training courses to improve his skills with Lise Boyer, Hélène Parent, Catherine Pinard and Séverine Parent (Cirque du Soleil).

As a songwriter, he has taken training from Robert Léger and Danièle Faubert given by the SPAQ, and more recently with the songwriter Gaele. Since 2012, Frédéric has done many competitions, starting his journey at the Festival de la chanson de St-Ambroise where he was a finalist at the Cabaret de la relève de Roberval. In 2015, he won the Performer prize at the “ Caisse qui chante ” competition and the same year he was a finalist at the “ Ma Première Place des Arts ” competition in the Performer category.

Following his final, he began an exploration as an author by collaborating with various authors and composers such as Amélie Larocque (Marc Dupré, 2 Frères), Frédérick Baron (Céline Dion, Mario Pelchat), Eric Charland (Mélissa Ouimet ), Laurence Castera, Marieve Proulx and Benjamin Goron in order to build a personal repertoire close to him.

It was in 2018 that Frédéric presented his musical project to the public as well as three singles which were sent to all radio stations in Quebec.

In 2021, he released his second EP ʺ Lumière ʺ under the name Lalancette. His single ʺ Nouvelle adresse ʺ was on the Top 100 French Radio chart in Quebec. Frédéric continues to make his place in the world of music.