Josh Alexander is a twenty-year-old singer, songwriter from Quebec City who adamantly believes that music has always been a part of him. Music moves him on many levels and always finds a way to lift his spirits. Growing up in a Latin American/Canadian household there was much diversity in musical styles. This undeniably influenced his unique penmanship as a writer. The cultural duality enhanced his individuality as both a singer and writer. At the age of ten,a still shy Josh began performing at local talent shows.

Luckily, his bashfulness started to take a back seat to his growing passion. Time after time, he found himself facing his fears until they were whisked away, as he grew increasingly comfortable with a microphone, singing for an audience. It was as though a force within was yearning to be reckoned with; there was no use resisting. In high school, Josh boldly joined the Music Concentration program, where he took off in leaps and bounds and really started to grow as a musician. The five years he spent there truly contributed to his development as a singer, as well as ,the discovery of his songwriting abilities. It really excited him to know that he could connect with and move others through his own language of music.

One of Josh’s 1rst song writing assignments led him to compose a Christmas song called Snow Flakes, that later became his high school’s (QHS) holiday favorite. He was then interviewed by CBC’s local affiliate radio station, following the great reactions the song garnered over the holidays that year. Fast forward to 2017, he was selected to be a contestant on Quebec’s 5th season of The Voice (La Voix). He was extremely grateful for this opportunity which solidified his sense of place in the world. The cameras, lights and action of the music industry behind the scenes, also resonated with this young performing artist who is reaching new heights. Josh also gained enormous visibility and a strong following.

He continued putting himself out there when a life changing audition in 2017 gave him another sense of direction. He didn’t get the gig so to speak,nevertheless something special was in store for him. The producers took notice of his distinctive voice and talent and invited him to compose and sing the theme song, Not Alone, for the animated movie Snowtime 2/ Racetime sequel to Snowtime 3D, the highest- grossing Canadian film at the domestic box office in 2015. Blu Dog Media, the label behind the music of the film, heard Josh and really fell for this artist’s voice and composure and decided to offer him a management deal. His new composition Not Alone was chosen for the upcoming sequel of Snowtime 2/Racetime (distributed by Universal), that has been recently released in Canada on January 25th and subsequently world-wide.

Josh is currently in the song writing phase of his debut album.
Written in collaboration with songwriters Bobby John and Etienne Dupuis-Cloutier, his very first single “Level Up” was released on september 6th 2019. He co-wrote pop band NCK’s new track “Sur ton mur” launched may 2020. His next single (co-written with songwriter Tino Izzo) will be released at fall 2020. Josh Alexander is currently working on his first album.