Josh Alexander is an nineteen-year-old singer, songwriter from Quebec City who adamantly believes that music has always been part of him. Music moves him on many levels and always finds a way to lift his spirits. Growing up in a Latin American/Canadian household, there was much diversity in musical styles.This undeniably influenced his unique penmanship as a writer.

The cultural duality enhanced his individuality as both a singer and writer. At the age of ten,a still shy Josh began performing at local talent shows. Luckily, his bashfulness started to take a back seat to his growing passion. Time after time, he found himself facing his fears until they were whisked away, as he grew increasingly comfortable with a microphone, singing for an audience. It was as though a force within was yearning to be reckoned with;there was no use resisting. In high school, Josh boldly joined the Music Concentration program, where he took off in leaps and bounds and really started to grow as a musician. The five years he spent there truly contributed to his development as a singer, as well as ,the discovery of his songwriting abilities. it really excited him to know that he could connect with and move others through his own language of music.

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