Involved in many local and international projects, Paul wrote and produced music for several well-known organizations (Air Transat, 30th Anniversary of ADISQ, SAQ, Hello Health/Apple Corporation, etc.), as well as original scores for movies, tv series and documentaries (Turtle TaleLions Gate, You Are What You ActCBC, Bob MoraneEllipse Animation, Gilles PicardCanal Vie, InnuCanal D, Tee Pee TimeAPTN, etc.).

Nominated for numerous awards including the Opus Award in 2010, in the category Best Jazz / World Album, for the Gemini Awards in 2009, in the category Best original music for a dramatic series (Bob Morane) and in 1999, for the Prix Gémeaux (best original music for TV seriesBob Morane), amongst others, Paul has demonstrated his versatility and his unique talent many times. He is currently working on a handful of local, national and international projects.

Having Dr Louis Hage from the Sorbonne as a mentor, Paul had every reason to become a seasoned songwriter. At the age of 18, he learned and mastered piano very fast, thanks to the support of St. Croix College’s principal, Dr Jean-Marc Crête. It is at the end of his program in 1988, by playing the piano, that he won first place at the college’s national performance. In 1990, he was admitted in the piano music program at University of Montreal.