Born in Canada and then flown straight to Brazil, Phil Enero grows up to the sound of samba. His parents find out about his attraction to music when, still a child, he tries to play some Simon and Gurfunkel records with a mixer!

Seven years later, Phil Enero is back to Montreal and starts learning the piano. At 12, he composes his first song and forms a music band that performs during end-of-the-year school shows.

During his teenage years, Phil Enero leaves for Ivory Coast where he discovers the roots of reggae music. Once returned to Canada, he refines his writing skills and stage experience as singer/keyboard player/guitar player of the Sexy Chameau, a pop-rock band made up by three university fellows with the goal of “heating up” student parties.

Phil Enero records and co-produces his first album with the theater group Imaginart: the soundtrack of the shows taking place at the Maison de la Culture Frontenac for which he composes the music theme and takes charge of choir direction. He also writes music themes for several other projects, including the show of Les Mutins de Longueuil à la Place des Arts – the music being composed after the narrative of Albert Millaire.

While attending Ma Première Place des Arts contest final where he wins the Étoiles Galaxie de Radio-Canada and Groupe Archambault awards and is nominated for best song of the year, Phil Enero meets songwriter Jean-Guy Prince, with whom he will collaborate on several projects, including the debut album of Linda Racine. Later on, Phil Enero meets Diane Pinet and joins Bloc Notes Music Publishing, and then writes lyrics for Francophone and Anglophone artists, including among others Dean, winner of the Idol contest (European version of American Idol).

Phil Enero is currently collaborating with talented music creators on local and international projects.