Yves Laferrière has been composing soundtrack music for various feature films, short movies, documentaries, television series, educational movies and jingles. An award-winning composer, Laferrière has collaborated to well over fifty award-winning Canadian soundtracks, including : Le crime d’Ovide Plouffe; Denys Arcand’s Jésus of Montréal (Genie Award, Best Original Soundtrack,1990) and The Barbarian Invasions (Academy Award, Best Foreign Language Movie, 2003); Le sexe des étoiles (Genie Award, Best Original Soundtrack, 1993) by Paule Baillargeon; Le Matou (1985) by Jean Beaudin and La femme de l’hôtel (Genie Award, Best Original Song, 1985) by Léa Pool, to name just a few.

An accomplished musician since the 1960’s, Laferrière started his career as a collaborator to several popular Quebec artists, such as Jean-Pierre Ferland, Pauline Julien, Monique Leyrac and Renée Claude.

In the 1970’s, he founded the influential Quebec progressive group CONTRACTION, and composed many of their songs. He was also a member of the music collective VILLE-ÉMARD BLUES BAND. Finally, Yves Laferrière composed songs for various popular singers, such as Marjolaine Morin and Diane Dufresne.

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