After more than 200 shows all across the province of Quebec and in Cuba, with 11 singles on the radio, the French ambassador of latin music in Quebec is working on his 4th album. The first single of this new album, CUATRO, will be launched on January 4, 2019.

It was on November 4, 2016, that the artist made us travel to nearby Havana with the songs HABANA BAILA, DU SABLE ET DE L’EAU, ALLEZ! ALLEZ!… with the album, DANZA 3. Ten original songs and only one cover are on this album. More researched sounds and music closer to the artist’s vision quickly seduced the, always growing, public and allowed this album to be put rapidly into Quebec’s radio charts.

In June, 2014, Dominique Hudson released DANZA 2 and the radio hits weren’t waiting to reach the charts as HASTA LUEGOCOMME D’HABITUDELES SUNLIGHTS DES TROPIQUESCOMME AVANT and ON BOUGE.

All the adventure of DANZA was brought to light in august 2012 when Dominique Hudson offered to Quebec a fusion between his pop universe and his passion for the latin grooves. Four original songs joined perfectly with six covers on the album DANZA. His presentation of the song QUAND JE VOIS TES YEUX allowed this first album DANZA to flirt strongly with the radio waves just before DANZA and J’TE VEUX ENCORE! And it was all true, the public wanted more.


DOMINIQUE HUDSON signed his first recording contract with the Isba Music label. The album that was supposed to be launched in 2007, and included the titles DANS UN CAFÉ, LOIN DE TOI, PEINE PERDUE and S’IL EST VRAI, was on hold for two years, releasing in 2009, which allowed DOMINIQUE HUDSON to be part of the musical: SHERAZADE, LES MILLE ET UNE NUITS.


Since he was the best choice to dream hard enough to rub that magic lamp, FELIX GRAY offered for  him to play ALADIN in the musical SHERAZADE, LES MILLE ET UNE NUITS. It was the  occasion for him to work with the director Yves Desgagnés, to record the album produced by Guy St-Onges and to play on the biggest stages of Quebec and in Paris, France where the play ran for a month at LES FOLIES BERGÈRES in 2011.


At the age of 15, DOMINIQUE HUDSON wrote his first songs and strummed his first guitar chords. After having spent his childhood surrounded by music as he was a DJ for his father, he did his classes in bars before heading off to the carribean to sing for an international public on a cruise ship for a year in 2001. When he returned, in 2002, he decided to take a chance in the music universe of Quebec.

Most recent projects

Le titre Hola est la dernière sortie commerciale interprété par Dominique Hudson :

Hola – Dominique Hudson

*Pour la distribution de ce titre (et l’album qui suivra), Dominique et son équipe ont choisi de faire les choses différemment. Le titre n’est pas disponible sur les plateformes d’écoutes (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), mais plutôt via https://www.holahola.ca/ ou êtes invités à vous inscrire pour être informé des sorties et nouveautés de Dominique.

Upcoming projects

Dominique travaille sur un cinquième opus à paraître en août 2022.


Hola – Dominique Hudson

Après 14 semaines consécutives, Hola entre dans le top 20 du Palmarès radio ADISQ.

Sync placements

2017 Campagne de publicité de la programmation de films le dimanche matin sur le réseau TVA

Original music

TTop co-wrote, composed and performed streaming

Cuatro – Dominique Hudson
Presqu’un demi-million d’écoutes sur Spotify

Demain et maintenant – Dominique Hudson
Presque 200 000 écoutes sur Spotify

Danza – Dominique Hudson
Presque 150 000 écoutes sur Spotify

Music Videos

Allez! Allez! – Dominique Hudson


Ultima danza

Feliz Navidad

Danza 3

Dominique Hudson

Danza 2