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« Dire » by Isabelle Villeneuve and Phil Enero, 2nd single of Marc André Fortin’s EP

February 4, 2014
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« Dire », lyrics byIsabelle Villeneuve on a Phil Enero’s music is the 2nd single of Marc-André Fortin’s EP to be lauched since his released last november.
« Dire is the perfect song to pump up the volume and sing along : a real therapy» says the singer. « Dire, is a therapy by words and rhythms that let off steam, to open up on what we are and to pu doubts away » he affirms.
Dire (Isabelle Villeneuve/Phil Enerois produced by Productions MA Musique. Directed by David Champoux, musical arrangements are from William Croft.
Single Dire (Isabelle Villeneuve/Phil Enero) is now available on iTunes and The physical album can be bought on the brand new Marc-André Fortin’s web site:

A song by Phil Enero and Isabelle Villeneuve on new Marc-André Fortin’s EP

November 12, 2013
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The song Dire, written and composed by Isabelle Villeneuve and Phil Enero, reach the young heart of the talented singer Marc-André Fortin, winner of the 3rd Star Académie edition in 2005. In fact, the singer is brilliantly singing this song, quite surprising comparatively to his usual catalogue, on his new EP named « M’aimeras-tu encore » that entirely self product and which will be launched on November 12th 2013. Dire, Enero and Villeneuve, has a rhythmic and catchy melody with thought and earnest lyrics. This song was perfect for Marc-André who’s back almost 5 years since his last album.

The EP « M’aimeras-tu encore » by Marc-André Fortin containing song Dire (Enero/Villeneuve) is in streaming on iTunes and now and will be sold from November 12th 2013.

You can also order your own copy on Marc-André Fortin’s web site and he will sign it for you! The EP will also be available in some Archambault store and on digital copy on as well.

For further info, visits: