The musical universe of Daayan is diverse, with rather pop melodic lines but a musical frame inspired by electronic music and Hip-Hop culture. There is also a real desire to add instrumentation from around the globe to reveal her personal story of moving and living abroad. From South America to Asia, with a few trips to Africa, her texts also demonstrate her sensitivity to the challenges of mental health issues. Her desire to have a social impact drove her to work with charity “Live Different”, based in Hamilton as a guest artist. Through this experience, she went from school to school to raise awareness of mental health issues and suicide prevention amongst young adults and teenagers through music.
Daayan has been a musician since childhood, and has started her career with being classically trained in violin, and then piano. She has since then participated in several songwriting workshops, including an Artishow workshop which ended with a performance at La Basoche in Gatineau in 2011. She launched a new song mixing pop and electronic music through a collaboration with Sherbrookois producer Déjà Vu, with a video clip produced by Plea Mouhamadou of Concept Ikigai on the song “Requiem for humanity” in 2019. Signed with Bloc-Notes Music Publishing in late 2019, she is currently working on her first single that should come out in the summer of 2022, and on a concept EP in collaboration with Montreal artist Loukas that should come out in the fall of 2022.
She participated in the Bloc-Notes songwriting camp in March 2022, where she was discovered by a number of already well respected artists which resulted in a number of subsequent projects. She is now collaborating often on pitches with producer Jay Lefebvre, as well as writing an album for artist Stella Dupré in collaboration with Gautier Marinov. She loves writing in close collaboration with artists to make sure their vision comes forth, and that they’re able to express what they deeply feel into song.