Gabrielle is a singer-songwriter from Montreal. Having completed a Bachelor in Music at the University of Montreal with a specialization in jazz composition and arrangement, she has been present on the emerging Montreal music scene since 2014.

Specializing in pop music, it is with the project Titelaine that she pushes her passion for electro dance music to the fullest. Indeed, it is on the album ” On veut vivre notre vie en vacances ” by the duo Titelaine that we can hear all the nuances of the sensitive voice of the singer. Combined with her very personal and introspective texts, Gabrielle’s voice immerses us in her universe dominated by nostalgia, memories and thoughts. Her passion for vocal arrangements shines through in many of Titelaine’s songs in which the voices multiply and are an integral part of the arrangements and the harmony.

On stage, Gabrielle can also be found as a backing vocalist and keyboardist alongside emerging artists such as Claudelle, Mégane Cyr, Sara-Danielle, Vidjay Rangaya and others.