Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier has an impressive track record. Having produced Fanny Bloom’s Pan and Apprentie guerrière albums, La Patère rose’s Waikiki, Alice’s Climbing Away, co-produced the self-titled Dumas album, as well as the EP La démesure d’une 32a by Ariane Moffatt, the young producer and songwriter was awarded the ADISQ prize “Alternative Album of the Year’ in 2012 (Apprentie guerrière, Fanny Bloom). He was also nominated in 2015 for “Director of the Year”, and “Songwriter of the Year” at l’ADISQ (French version of JUNO awards) for Fanny Bloom’s Pan album.

Étienne has always had a soft-spot for drums and piano. He spent a greater part of his youth playing and creating his own sound, drawing from both drums and synth beats – bringing his personal touch to his collaborations with numerous artists. With such talent and ease, we can hear his songwriting skills on several artists’ singles such as Soleil by Eli Rose (francophone top 5), for which he is co-author, producer, and musician, as well as the singles Piscine (francophone top 5), and Danse (francophone top 30) from Fanny Bloom; Ne me dis pas by Dumas, and Comme les autres, by Laurence Nerbonne, and Jason Bajada.

Moving from drums to keyboards and tour for Ariane Moffatt, Dumas, as well as Coeur de Pirate, and many others, Étienne was also Music Director for Fanny Bloom’s Apprentie guerrière tour, and for the theatre play La démesure d’une 32a at Espace Go. In addition to being a songwriter, director and producer for many bands, he collaborates with various advertising agencies – signing various musical projects (Body Language – Canal D, Sortez vos verres, SAQ – TVA).

Étienne has long ago mastered the art of subtle soundscapes and textured rhythms. In his body of work, we can expect a warm and enveloping sound, flirting between urban pop and electro, paving the way for freshness and a little je-ne-sais-quoi.

Through his writing and composition mandates, Étienne continues to expand his creations with D R M S, the alias under which he brings to life unforgettable and alluring songs, with the help of amazing singers.

2019 was a very important year for him with the development of multiple collaborations: Josh Alexander’s first single “Level Up/Level Up”, his participation on a bunch of songs on Alex Nevsky’s new album, or the debut album of singer Eli Rose, on which he co wrote six songs. He co wrote the song “Emmène moi”, Eli Rose’s latest single that became success of the week on ADISQ Palmares many times. He also took part in Mélissa Bédard’s new album “Fleur de verre”, co writing the song “Nirvana” amongst others, or Fanny Bloom’s last single “Cinéma”. But Étienne’s biggest project of year 2019 is probably SOMMM, a group he formed with famous singer and songwriter Ariane Moffatt. Their very first album became #1 of iTunes Canada at the time of its release in april 2019, and their single “Sunshine” had a huge success, staying #1 for 12 weeks consecutive in the Adult Pop Top 25 and 76 weeks consecutive in the Top 20 on the ADISQ charts. The project was also nominated at the Gala ADISQ 2020 in the category Pop Album of the year.

Étienne worked on Star Académie’s EP Les session de Waterloo in 2021, on which he co-wrote the title Si près si loin. Over the past year, he has participated in several national and international writing camps and sessions. Etienne has just returned from Los Angeles where he had several writing sessions that will undoubtedly be prolific.

Étienne is currently working on a solo album scheduled for release in early 2023, several co-writing and production projects and plans to participate in several international projects.

Most recent projects

Le titre ʺ Vanille ʺ par L’Isle est la dernière sortie commerciale co-écrite par Étienne.
Vanille – L’Isle

Upcoming projects

Étienne travaille actuellement sur un album solo dont la sortie est prévue au début de l’année 2023, plusieurs projets de co-écriture et de production et compte participer à plusieurs projets internationaux.

Awards and nominations

2020 Gala ADISQ – Prix SOCAN
Album pop de l’année : SOMMM – SOMMM (GAGNANT)


Après être resté 76 semaines consécutives au top 20 du palmarès de l’ADISQ, le single « Sunshine » par SOMMM a maintenant atteint plus d’un million de streams sur Spotify.

Sync placements

Club Piscine Commercial
Piscine – Fanny Bloom

McDonald’s commercial
Cinéma – Fanny Bloom

Telus commercial
La Vague – D R M S, L’Isle

Original music

Étienne à co-écrit la chanson thème pour l’été 2022 de l’émission radiophonique Les Fantastiques à Rouge FM :
L’été fantastique – Véronique et les fantastiques, Ariane Moffatt, SOMMM

Titres co-écrits, composés et réalisés ayant le plus grand nombre d’écoutes sur Spotify/ Top streaming #s (co-wrote)
Sunshine – Ariane Moffatt, Clay and Friends, D R M S, Ruffsound, SOMMM
Plus d’un million d’écoutes

Tôt ou tard – Eli Rose
Plus d’un million d’écoutes sur Spotify

La Vague – D R M S, L’Isle 521
Environ 500 000 écoutes sur Spotify

Emmène-moi – Eli Rose
Environ 500 000 écoutes sur Spotify

Nocturne – L’Isle
Environ 400 000 écoutes sur Spotify

Soleil – Eli Rose
Environ 400 000 écoutes sur Spotify