Eric Collard is a multidisciplinary artist who is passionate about music and the creative process. His very first taste of the music industry came with the creation of his first home recording studio, in Quebec’s Saguenay region, where he worked with singer-songwriter Philippe Berghella and the band Obscur.
One of his first compositions came to the attention of a young singer called Marie-Ève Boivin, who recorded the song on her debut album.
Motivated to pursue his career, Eric then moved to Montreal. Upon his arrival in the city, Eric landed a job in radio broadcasting and composed numerous theme songs, jingles and music parodies for various radio comedians, notably Les Justiciers Masqués.

Around the same time, he was mixing and producing songs for comedian Anthony Kavanagh’s European one man show. Eric went on to compose a string of songs for such popular Quebec singers as Andrée Watters, Annie Villeneuve and Marc-André Fortin.

He also contributed (mixing and production) to Quebec comedians Chick’N Swell’s comedy album, which won a Felix award (Quebec’s music industry awards) for Best comedy album in 2006.
Eric has been working in production for the past 10 years for Quebec radio broadcasting network Rythme FM, composing a string of theme songs and jingles for its stations. He also continues to pursue various recording, mixing and production contracts, and never stops composing music.