In 2005, Francis Frenette, just back from a trip to Europe, and Steeve Marchand decide to create a new musical group. Music has always been very present in both of their lives. Francis’ father is a guitar player and Steeve’s mother is a piano instructor.

As teenagers, they were both highly influenced by Britpop, and were members of many cover bands, waiting impatiently for the right moment to create their own material. Interrested in their music, Steeve’s brother Pierre-Luc decided to join the duo and became their drummer.

At this time, they are all students at the music school of Deschambault. Even though their young age, they are able to cumulate many on-stage experiences. During this period, Francis started composing his own songs. In fall of 2005, he decides to share his work with his associates.

Convinced of the quality of his material, they record a demo the following spring. A few months later, Julien Martel, also from a family of musicians, joins the trio, adding a touch of rock to the band. He is followed by Viviane Lavoie, a keyboard player with classical influences, completing the group as we know it today.

Then called Pilot Project, the group offers performances throughout 2006 and 2007. During one of these representations, Sylvain Gauvreau from Goégo is present and is impressed with the band’s performance, thus leading Goégo to sign the group in the winter of 2007.

The band members now felt that Pilot Project was no longer an appropriate name and that they needed to find a real name for the group. The name The Spleen is chosen as it reflects their style as well as the state of mind expressed in each of their songs. In may 2008, The Spleen complete their first album, No More, directed by Pierre Curadeau.