Born in Montreal, Stephan Dufour is well-known in Quebec for his unique guitar playing and as a rock and cult instrumental virtuoso. Known for his work in the ‘90s with the group Saints & Sinners, he went on to develop a musical union with Quebec superstar Eric Lapointe.

Dufour composed hit after chart-topping hit in Quebec for rockers Eric Lapointe, France D’Amour and many others. He has received several gold and platinum records, namely for his songs “Loadé comme un gun”, “Rien à regretter”, “Invitez les vautours”, “Motel 117” (Éric Lapointe) and “Vivante”, “Confidente”, “En silence” (France D’Amour).

In all, songs for which he has collaborated have totalled over one million in sales. Stephane Dufour also made a name for himself within Quebec’s movie industry by composing soundtracks for some of the province’s most iconic movies in history, such as Les Boys (I, II and III) , Bon Cop Bad Cop and Les 3 p’tits cochons (nominated for a “Best Soundtrack” Jutra Award – Quebec’s movie awards – in 2007).

Dufour brought soul into Eric Lapointe’s second album release and was the producer of his two most recent, best selling releases which featured his hard hitting guitars. This evolution in Dufour’s sound came from the opportunity to unleash his playing, songwriting and producing expertise on his own solo project, Distortion, aimed at hard-core guitar music fans. This project, multi layered with outstanding guitar work and superior craftsmanship was the genesis that began the privileged long standing relation between himself and Eric Lapointe which has yielded enormous success.