From Garou to Saya, Judith Bérard to Marilou, from Marie-Mai to Audrey de Montigny, Marie-Eve Janvier, Annie Villeneuve, and Marc Dupré, to Jean-Marc Couture, Marc Hervieux and Stéphanie St-Jean, Diane Cadieux’s hallmark signature appears on a multitude of successful albums, both in her native Quebec to France and Belgium.

From the beginning of her career, “Où que j’aille, written for Judith Bérard, immediately travelled overseas, and became the main single of the album, thus ranking among the Top 10 French titles in Europe that year. From then on, the Gold and Platinum records followed each other at a steady pace. The lyrics she wrote to Annie Villeneuve’s “Tomber à l’eau”, Audrey de Montigny “Même les anges”, Garou “Je suis le même”, Meggie “Je brûle encore pour toi quickly became major radio Hits and attaining Gold and Platinum status.

On radio, these titles all hit the top of the charts; “Même les anges remained in #1 position for 11 weeks on BDS radio charts before being awarded the SOCAN “People’s Song 2005”. The following year, Diane Cadieux hit the charts again when “Tomber à l’eau” was the #1 song for 7 weeks, becoming SOCAN’s recipient for “2006 Pop Song”. Among the 4 songs written for Garou, “Je suis le meme” remained #1 for more than 8 weeks in various charts, and in several countries.

Diane Cadieux has never dropped that pen! She continues to offer her unique point of view on paper for songwriters and artists to vehicle.