Francis Frenette : Lead Vocals/Guitar, Julien Martel : Lead Guitar, Steeve Marchand : Bass/Vocals,

Viviane Lavoie : Keyboard/Vocals, Pierre-Luc Marchand : Drums

In 2005, Francis Frenette and Steeve Marchand decided to form a music group upon their return from a trip to Europe. Both grew up surrounded by music. Francis’ father is a guitarist and Steeve’s mother a piano teacher. Fans of Britpop, the two friends played with tribute groups during their teens and yearned to create their own material.

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Later, Steeve’s brother Pierre-Luc joined the group as drummer. At the time, the threesome was studying at the music school in Deschambault. Despite their young age, they accumulated stage experience early on, by performing and doing many gigs.
It was during this creative time that Francis started composing his own music. In the fall of 2005, he decided to show it to his two band members and, in the spring of 2006, the band recorded a demo.

In May 2006, Steeve’s friend Julien Martel, a guitarist from a family of musicians, joined the group, bringing his “rock” background with him. At the same time, Viviane Lavoie, a keyboardist with a classical background, also joined the group. The group performed regularly in 2006-2007 under the name Pilot Project. Sylvain Gauvreau of Goego Managment attended one such performance and immediately fell in love with the band’s sound.

The group finally signed a management deal with Goego in the winter of 2007. No longer finding Pilot Project suitable as a name, the band started looking for a name that would be more representative of their sound and their lyrics. In the fall of 2007, the name “The Spleen” was chosen and the group worked all year on an album under the supervision of Pierre Curadeau. Their first album, No More, was finally released in the summer of 2008.