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Daniel Grenier, singer-songwriter and comedian is now a part of the great Bloc Notes Team.

Daniel is a fonder member of the comic trio Chick’n Swell, that the weekly show has been diffused during three consecutive summers, from 2001 to 2003, at Radio-Canada tv chanel. He was also the composer of the original theme of the show. It’s during this period that he composed songs for his first album, “Les Guerriers de la Lumière”. This first opus has been nominated for an Adisq Award as “Alternative Album of the year” in 2004. The album “Le Chemin des Étoiles will follow in 2005, still with his “Guerriers de la lumière” , the album is inspiring from happiness and love on pop folk music with a country touch.

In fall 2005, the Chick’n’Swell are also releasing their first album composed by Daniel and his acolytes Simon-Olivier Fecteau et Francis Cloutier, Victo Power. This album earned the Felix award for Best Comedy Album of the Year in 2006 Adisq award. We will have to wait until 2010 for the release of the second album, Victo Racing.

It’s a pleasure to welcome Daniel and we thank him for his trust into Bloc Notres Music team!