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Album release Fall 2013 Sally Folk – Heureux infidèles (3 min 03 sec)

(A/C : Sally Folk, HugoLévesque / Sally Folk, Michel Dagenais)

Sally Folk n.f. Sally, dérived from name Sarah that means in Hebrew sovereign princess in Hebrew.

Montréal, June 5th 2013 – Enter Sally Folk’s universe where genuine, modernity and bewitchment met togheter! Opened on world, the singer-songwriter stands out by her personnality as uniqueness as her writing.

Borned in Montréal from an Algerian father and a mother from Quebec, she growned up into those mixed horizons, transposing both cultures in her music & writing. It’s during a trip to Honduras that the musician actually emerges. She tames her alter ego for then gives it life by her music. Sally Folk is a young untameable lady that’s able to show deepness, untied attitude and a good sense of humor, energy and enthousiasm. She’s not affraid of passing by barriers and to speak about taboos. She represents modern women, in all magnificence, with a fresh spirit!

Quickly, Sally Folk known how to developp her own music universe, with a warm & cozy sound. Some prominent meetings allow her to surround herself by confidence contributors. Discovered by Marc Déry, she finds a precious accomplice in him and his partner Michel Dagenais, director and songwriter well known (Jean Leloup,Daniel Bélanger, Maxime Landry, Marc Déry). She also becomes a favorite, as no one else, for Daniel Bélanger, that accepted to sing a song with her on the album.

Sally Folk release a first single, Heureux infidèles, from her album to come under Entourage Music Label. Through this song, she’s projecting her into a particular relationship, that’s not as society standards, the kind that still taboo in 2013. With her imaged writing, she’s suggesting a women view on an unexploited theme.

Her album will be launch in Montreal during Fall 2013. The craze around the project is already there! Discussions are entamed with some wingspan french partners to release the album on both continents at the same time.

An artist to discover who will charm with her uniqueness!

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Source : Entourage