SABY BUCCELLA: Composer, Producer, Arranger, Programmer, Keyboards. Saby began his musical career as an artist keyboardist with the band THE EROTIC DRUM BAND at the tender age of 18 years old. The band immediately exploded on the International dance charts as they had their very first Platinum seller and hit album that same year. Following a few years of touring and recording with T.E.D.B Saby settled in Montreal and began to produce quite a few albums throughout the years.

It was his experience when he was asked to produce and perform the majestic Tchaikovsky album for Chacra Records in 1998 where he produced, performed and conducted the whole album where he became completely taken aback with orchestral music. He continued working with numerous artists in Canada while developing his ORCHESTRAL MADHOUSE COLLECTION. His last album as Record Producer was in 2016 where he produced  the album FEMME for the Canadian superstar IMA.

SABY BUCCELLA is an established composer, producer arranger who creates outstanding themes, imaginative and telling arrangements and orchestrations. Saby`s production chops, which stem from his years as a successful Record Producer in the industry have all the bearings of someone who really knows what`s needed in a track. His keen sense of musicality but also his keen sense of the trends in music give him a real edge to his musical landscape. His experience throughout these years have grounded his work as a solid musician, producer, arranger.

His absolute admiration for the greats such as John William can be heard in his work as he strives to orchestrate with the same level of grandeur. His ease with the electronic field has a particular advantage; Saby has a fully equipped recording studio with the latest state of the art equipment. He is able to orchestrate a complete piece with extraordinary precision, where it is hard to tell if it`s real or samples, allowing a director or executive producer to hear the compositions and orchestrations before the recording or performance process commences. His knowledge of audio editing software is astounding, along with his the ability to deliver results quickly.  A quick listen will tell the full story.